Chance The Rapper Hosts Grammy Nomination Party In Chicago

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Chance celebrates his seven Grammy nominations.

A couple months ago, Chance the Rapper shared his plans in the event that he were to receive a Grammy nomination in an interview with Billboard.

“If I get nominated, I’m going to throw a huge party in Chicago and I’ll fly in all my friends,” he said. “We’ll celebrate the Grammys’ recognition of grass-roots independent artists and this new way of releasing music by nominating me. We’ll **ing go crazy for, like, two days straight.”

Tuesday, Chance received not one but seven Grammy nominations, including nods for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Song. He celebrated that night by throwing a party in his native Chicago.

“Tonight we won, because I got nominated for a Grammy,” he said in a speech to partygoers. “And I don’t plan on waiting until February to figure out if I won or lost. I decided tonight that because I’m surrounded by my best friends, by my family, that tonight was the winning night and I wanted to celebrate with you guys here in Chicago.”

“If I do win any Grammy’s on that night,” he continued, “I promise that when I get on the stage, I’m gonna say ‘Glory be to God, I claim the victory in the name of the Lord

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